Olive & June BLACK FRIDAY MASTER POST! WINTER Collection Review & Swatches + Limited Edition Polishes + Q&A!

I'm bringing this post back from the archives for Olive & June's 2023 BFCM sale! They're 25% off EVERYTHING!!! 

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This post is a little late... SORRY! But better late than never, right?! This blog will cover the Olive & June Winter 2022 Collection plus my review & photos! AND their new limited edition colors for the BFCM sale AND some of your BFCM sale questions :) Let’s get into it!

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The new Winter Collection is Winder Wonderland themed and it has 7 new polish shades that truly emulate the vibes of the season!! I’m going to keep this short and sweet with my thoughts but if you have any questions, be sure to leave a comment below!

Plaza - Deep Purple

This color is probably most similar to TLG from the Lazy Genius Collab (ps. Read that blog post here!). I really love this color, it reminds me of Bahama Mama from Essie which was my GO TO when I was younger! It paints like a dream too!

Dry Clean Only - Cozy Taupe 

I am just not a huge neutral polish person like this color, although it is really nice!! It’s leaning very grey, so if you like greys, you’ll probably like this one! I think it’s similar to RP.

Cheers - Pale Icy Blue

I always find pale colors to be a little challenging to paint, so this one is a bit more advanced than the darker colors in the group. It’s similar to BP but even a little more icy/white! 

In the Clutch - Vibrant Magenta Red

This is a really pretty cranberry color polish!! It reminds me of Nailfie Time of JG! 

It’s Actually Dark Green - Mega Dark Emerald

This is a supperrr dark green. When you paint one coat, it looks green, but when you do the second one, it’s almost black. I used to have an OPI color similar to this one that I was obsessed with, so this is so nostalgic for me! I like this color but I probably would rather have a more obvious green like Besties (one of my FAVES) if I was painting my nails green 🙂 

Make a Res - Deep Teal Navy

Ok I am obsessed with this color!! You all know I love when colors are like jelly/kind of clear because I think it looks like gel polish and this color is just that! When you paint one layer, it’s a little tiny bit sheer, so when you paint two coats, it looks like a really cool teal leaning navy. This is much more teal than any other navy in their collection IMO.

Is It Too Much? - Gold Flake

This is a clear polish with literal chunks of gold in it!! So fun. I really like this for nail art, I personally thought it was easiest to use a dotting tool to place the gold specks exactly where I wanted them, otherwise it’s hard to control where the gold goes with just using the brush. 

And these two colors are available this weekend only!!! 

I Like It Spicy - Vibrant Pinky Red Jewel Tone

This is a red leaning hot pink polish and it’s so fun!! When I first saw it in the bottle I thought it was similar to Lava or YDG but after painting it, it looks much more pink! I think it’s similar to Hibiscus or XOXO (but a little more red) which are two of my faveeee pinks! This one painted so easily and it was really beautiful IRL.

Boogie Wonderland - Chunky Silver Glitter

This is a clear polish with two different sized circle silver sequins in it. This is another polish that I find much easier to use a dotting tool to place it where you want the sequins vs using the brush. I think this is so fun for nail art this winter, I really want to do something fun for Christmas with it!! 

My favorites:

Definitely Make a Res!! It’s so unique and it looks sooo stunning in the sun :) 

Your BFCM sale questions!!!

Q: What is the best “true red”? 

A: They have several reds that are very classic. The most classic reds are probably CV and ES. CV is a little more blue-leaning while ES is a little more orangey, but they are SO similar I think. If you want something a little brighter, I love Lava or Larchmont. They’re also super similar, more fiery reds! If you want something more berry/burgandy, I love Nailfie Time or JG. If you want something deeper for winter, I love Cozy Up or SC!!

Q: Any favorite deep reds? I want something different from Obsessed. 

A: Obsessed is such a pretty red, but I find it really hard to paint with. If you touch your cuticle area on accident, it’s sooo hard to clean it up :( Some of my other favorite deeper reds are SC (it’s a deep, red wine, kind of color, but I love how you can really see the color vs I think obsessed almost looks red-black), and also Cozy Up (more of a brown-y red, almost like a brick color!). If you don’t have SC, I highly recommend it! It’s one of mine and my mom’s favorite colors for the cooler seasons :) 

Q: What are your must haves? 

A: I’m going to break this into polishes & treatments!

Polishes (these are going to be my favorites from each color category, they are beautiful and also easy to paint!!): 

Reds: SC, Larchmont, JG

Pinks: XOXO (!!!), Wild Orchid, Hibiscus

Purples: Jam Please, Velvet Pouf

Blues: Yes Please, Make a Res 

Greens: Besties, Into the Trees

Orange: Lava

Shimmers: Cosmic, OJPAS, OJSM and OJBH are all so good!! I also love Obvi & Exclamation Point

Neutrals/Sheers: Strawberry Scone and TQTHTWM and BEB are all AMAZING! I love MG, and Caramel Budino. Also, World Lit & Study Hall are great.

I’m noticing a theme here that I’m still obsessed with the Winter 2020 collection - every color from it is GOLD!! If you don’t have that collection, I highly recommend (maybe minus Obsessed and OMG lol… not my faves)  :)  


Ridge Filler, Heel Balm and Overnight Hand Treatments are my faves and the ones I use most frequently!! 

Q: What is your dream winter collection out of colors that already exist? 

A: I love this question!! I would say: XOXO, Besties, Yes Please, Cozy Up, Velvet Pouf, Obvi, BEB, Caramel Budino, and ES!!! Then you could make amazing christmassy and wintery nail art and have really fun ombre manis too.

Q: Are the quick dry colors worth it?

A: I think this depends on your preference for painting your nails. I personally LOVE a quick dry top coat because I hate waiting and can’t stand when the polishes smudge. So I’ve definitely been loving the top coat for that reason. 

The polishes are definitely fun colors, but they are noticeably thinner than the longer lasting polishes from O&J. Because of this, I think the pastels are really easy to paint with in the quick dry formula, like Rink and Poodle were soo easy to paint with where as I think BP is kind of challenging. I think you should still be patient and wait for the quick dry to dry, like maybe for 5 minutes each coat just to be safe when you’re starting out and then you can learn how the product works with your routine and speed it up if you want. 

Overall - I like the QD line alot but I probably prefer the regular polish just because I like the plumper look, and I would use the QD top coat to speed things up 🙂

Make sure to read my FULL REVIEW BLOG POST HERE! https://karanailedit.com/blogs/news/new-olive-june-quick-dry-polish-review-swatches

Q: Are the Christmas nail stickers worth it?

A: I love the stickers! I think they’re so fun to add such intricate and detailed nail art to your nails! I also find them to be really sticky so they stay on well and don’t tend to lift! 

Q: Favorite cool toned red?

A: CV! It’s really blue-leaning and great for cooled skin tones. 

Q: Blueberry Muffin or Can’t Lose?

A: Check out my Fall Collection Review for more thoughts on Blueberry Muffin https://karanailedit.com/blogs/news/olive-june-fall-2022-review-swatches I think these colors are pretty similar but Can’t Lose is a bit brighter. I personally like it better because of that and I think it was a bit easier to paint with/creamer than BM!

Ok that’s all for now!! Make sure to check out my other Olive & June blog posts for even more info on lots of things, probably more than you could ever want ;) 



NEW!! Olive & June Quick Dry Polish Review & Swatches

The Lazy Genius x Olive & June Review - NEW COLLECTION!!

Olive & June Spring 2022 Collection Review, Swatches & Comparisons! 🍓

The Olive & June Mani System + 3 items I would add to get the best mani!!


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