NEW!! Olive & June Quick Dry Polish Review & Swatches

Did you hear the news?? Olive & June just launched an entirely new polish line of quick drying polish + a new quick dry top coat. If you’ve been around for a while, you know I LOVE quick dry top coat and I usually pair it with O&J polish to speed up the dry time, and now they formulated one that works within their product line!

Have you heard about my favorite hack for wearing all of my regular polishes while keeping my nails protected and helping them grow longer? Plus my nails are never stained from regular polish, I don’t have ridges, and my nails never peel?? The secret is *clear builder gel*!

I wear a thin layer of clear builder gel under my nails most days to give my nails are super smooth, plump surface. It gives my nails so much strength so they can grow out without being bendy, I truly can hit them on anything and they won’t break, and they’re never stained from regular polish. It’s THE BEST! Here are some links if you’re interested in learning more:

My FAVE Clear Builder Base – It’s so shiny and makes my nails SO strong

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My NEW Dry Manicure Prep Course – Prep is KEY for making your manicures last. This is my brand new Dry Manicure course where I go into detail on how to prep your nail surface, how I do my cuticle care + nip my cuticles, and how I shape my nails. This works for both regular and gel manicures! 

Read more about this process here!!


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Since there are 19 new colors + a top coat (so many!!!), I’m going to keep things quick and to the point. If you have any additional questions, be sure to leave a comment so I can add to the post! Ok let’s get into it!!


The polish line: There are 19 new colors + one new top coat

The formula: This polish dries is about 1-2 minutes (from my experience) and it’s thinner than the OG O&J polish (the long lasting polish, I’ll refer to it as OG (original) in this post and quick dry will be QD), which is why it’s quick dry! It’s not as thick, therefore, it dries faster.

The colors: These are all NEW colors, some are completely new, and some are almost dupes for the OG polish. More on that later!

How long it lasts: Up to 5 days! I haven’t had a chance to fully test this out yet so I will edit this with my review soon!

The process: You can use this polish in the same way as you would normally use polish in your mani routine. AKA prep then paint! And it just dries faster :) 

Mix & Match: You CAN mix these with the OG polish, possible combos include QD polish + QD topcoat + OG topcoat after a few days, OG polish + QD top coat

Fine print: O&J claims that their QD formula works with the OG formula, however, the longevity might not be the same if you mix OG & QD as it would be with just OG products together. I feel like I’m speaking in code!

ON SALE DATE: 10/13!! :D 


I swatched all of these colors - check out the video below for more!! I found the formula to be very user friendly. It’s noticeably thinner than the OG polish, especially with the really creamy/pastel colors. If you have trouble painting pastels (like BP and GH always give me trouble!!), these colors are opaque and so much easier to paint in just two coats! 

I thought most of the colors looked better with two coats than one. Some of the colors can be one coat wonders, but I just prefer the look of two to hide streaks or any uneven areas. 

Since the polish is quick drying, I found that you have to work a little bit quickly in order for the polish to not get streaky/start drying as you’re painting on your coat. Nothing too crazy here, but don’t plan to spend one minute on one finger or else you will definitely struggle. 

The top coat was really thin and easy to paint, which I honestly love working with in general so I highly recommend picking this up above anything else! I think it will make your nail painting experience much more pleasant. I don’t have time for nails to dry like ever, so the QD top coat is a MUST!


Here are my color swatches! I’m also going to include the description from O&J and also my thoughts for dupes/similar/if you like that, then you’ll like this colors (i’ll refer to it as “dupe” even if it’s not :))  in the OG line, plus any notes!

Pointe: a ballet blush pink

OG Dupe: KAG, Rosy Tips, GH

Poodle: Rosy pink neutral

OG Dupe: HZ or Study Hall

Nuance: Soft bubblegum pink

OG Dupe: Yogurt Parfait

Prom: Magenta pink

OG Dupe: Grateful & Kind, but also I think this one is pretty unique for the brand!

Rink: Icy pastel blue

OG Dupe: BP or Angelfish

Vintage: Washed denim blue

OG Dupe: I don’t think anything is that similar to this one!

Minty: Sweet & refreshing mint

OG Dupe: KMC or Sleeping Bag

Prairie: Muted lavender

OG Dupe: Kind of similar to You’re Invited but I think this is more muted/dusty/vintage looking!


Enchanted: A deep violet shimmer

OG Dupe: There isn’t anything exactly like this. I think this color looks similar to Velvet Pouf, but a bit more jelly, with golden shimmery flakes in it. It’s not a metallic like some of their other shimmers, this one truly has little shimmery flakes (but not glitter). It’s very pretty!! 

Lippy: Shimmery red ruby

OG Dupe: This is almost like if Larchmont/You’re doing great had shimmers in it! It’s not the same color red as Ruby shimmer, I think it’s more orangey!

Smooch: Rich, scarlet red

OG Dupe: This is a blue leaning red, very similar to ES or CV!

Picante: Spicy, bold orange red

OG Dupe: You’re Doing Great, Lava, Larchmont

Sagey: An herby mid-toned green

OG Dupe: None, but it’s most similar to WKF

Howdy: A caramely tan neutral

OG Dupe: kind of similar to Caramel Budino but this is creamier and more neutral! Kind of similar to Coffee Milk too!

Koala: A soft, neutral grey 

OG Dupe: I thought this was kind of like a green-ish grey polish! I don’t know if they have anything super similar but I’m also not a huge grey person!

Southwest: A warm terracotta orange

OG Dupe: Nothing!! This is like a perfect pumpkin, burnt orange polish! 

Crystal: Super shiny clear

OG Dupe: SGT lol. They said they created this one because some people have expressed interest in just having a clear coat on, or wanting something to use as stain barrier.

Cateye: Inky black

OG Dupe: E+M

Swan: Crisp opaque white

OG Dupe: HD 


Vintage! Prairie! Southwest! Nuance!! 

What are your thoughts on all of these colors?! Are you planning to pick any up? What else do you want to know?? 

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OK BYE! :)

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