Olive & June x Colleen Hoover Spring 2024 Nail Polish Collection Swatches and Review!

The Olive & June Spring 2024 Collection is here!!!!! I am SO excited about this collection and I can’t wait to share all of my thoughts with you about these polishes so let’s get right into it! I’m going to be talking about each color, what it was like to paint it, comparisons and my overall thoughts! 

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First off, this collection is in collaboration with author Colleen Hoover and together they created 8 new colors! Some of them are shimmers, some are sheers, some are pearly, and some are creams! There is so much variety and the colors are so fun! Let’s get into it!!



Color Description: Pearly White

How It Paints: This is a super pearlscent white polish, which can be a little difficult to paint because it’s streaky and easily shows imperfections! I used this with Ridge Filler underneath and I think it’s key for a smooth polish job!!! There really isn’t a another polish like this in the O&J collection, it’s so pretty! 

Similar Colors: Office Party and Icing Is The Best Part


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Color Description: Minty Pastel Green 

How It Paints: This one was nice and easy to paint with for a pastel! It’s such a pretty minty springy green color. I compared it to two other greens and I felt like this one was so different and honestly a bit more wearable than the other two! What do you think? 

Similar Colors: Energize and Not Kale 

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Brave Blush


Color Description: Pastel Pink Lily

How It Paints: This is a true light pastel pink polish, and I thought it was a little difficult to paint with but when you let each layer dry completely in between, it helps so much!  

Similar Colors: Pink Sands and GH. I thought Pink Sands looked the most similar to Brave Blush but I thought it was noticeably easier to paint with for some reason. Maybe there is a little bit less white pigment in it? I’m not sure! And GH looked a little bit more like a cool toned pink compared to Brave Blush. There are all pretty similar though, I don’t think you can go wrong. 

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Same Day Next Year


Color Description: Shimmery sheer blue

How It Paints: This one has the same pearly finish as Atlas and paints almost exactly the same. They’re like sister polishes! I used this for nail art recently and I really liked it! I don’t really wear colors like this on their own personally, so I’ll probably keep it on hand for art!  

Similar Colors: This one is also super unique to the O&J collection, but the blue tones are somewhat similar to Not A Cloud and Boost, but they’re definitely not exact matches by any means.

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Island Time


Color Description: Shimmery Sheer Lilac

How It Paints: This one is actually very sheer! Two coats was not totally opaque. I really liked this one and I think it’s easier to paint with (i.e. not as streaky) as the other two shimmery/pearly ones! 

Similar Colors: I compared this to Jam, Please (one of my favorite O&J colors of ALL TIME!) and Fierce & Loving for the purple color, but they are obviously not sheer or shimmery! That’s Heart is kind of similar too, I should have added that one too, oops!! 

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Perfect Pinwheel


Color Description: True Coral

How It Paints: This polish really is a nice creamy true coral, but a little bit more on the red/pinky side and not the orangey side, if that makes sense! It was super easy to paint with and looked really beautiful in two coats! I definitely want to use this one in a full manicure again soon, it’s so pretty!!!   

Similar Colors: Field Day and Be Mine (except this one has shimmer in it! I just thought the colors looked pretty similar!)

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Diner Date


Color Description: Hot Pink

How It Paints: This is my FAVORITE of the entire collection. XOXO is one of my top 3 o&j polishes I think, and this might rival it! Super easy to paint with, perfectly opaque in two coats, it’s just perfect!!! I highly recommend it. 

Similar Colors: XOXO is ever so slightly darker than this one! And Strawberries Are In Season Right Now (another one of my O&J FAVES) is a similar pink color but obviously a jelly!!! If you love pink like I do, you definitely need all three of these ;) 

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Lily Blooms


Color Description: Shimmery bright magenta

How It Paints: This one is a fun pop of magenta with just a hint of chunky shimmer, which is super cool! I love the shimmer in it! I thought it had a slightly sheer quality, but it definitely looks fully opaque in two coats!  

Similar Colors: This one reminded me of Biggest Bow (which omg I have been SLEEPING on this one, it’s soooo pretty and I want to use it again asap!) and Wild Orchid (which is another FAVE of mine. So easy to paint with and such a fun bright color!) but Lily Blooms has that shimmer in it which sets it apart! 

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Kara’s Fave:

Diner Date, duh!! It’s just everything I want in a pink polish - bright, super easy to paint with, and cream finish. It’s perfect!

Runners Up: Perfect Pinwheel and Corrigan! They are just so fun for spring and easy to paint with! I definitely want to use these again soon. 

Ps…. I used all 3 of these colors in this cute tulip nail art recently. I’m OBSESSED!


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