Olive & June Favorite Seashell Collection Review & Swatches

Olive & June just launched a new mini collection of polishes and I wanted to dedicate an entire post to it because it's so good!!! If you know me, you know I love tinted sheer polish and sparkly chrome-y polish, aka THIS COLLECTION! 

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The Favorite Seashell Collection is inspired by found treasures on the beach and features four milky sheer colors with pearly shimmery finishes! The photos & videos really don't do this collection justice because the multi-colored shimmer just doesn't come across as well! Trust me when I say the colors are so pretty and they're all really unique! Let's get into the collection!

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This polish reminds me of Strawberry Scone (which is one of my favorite O&J colors!!) with a milky iridescent shimmer added. It's slightly sheer, so it needs a few coats to be opaque! 






This polish has a sheer grey tint with slightly pinky shimmer added! I feel like this one wasn't quite as sheer as Pink Capiz, but it still has the sheer effect :) 






This is a sheer lavender polish with a pinky/lavender iridescent shimmer added! I feel like this polish is super unique to the O&J collection and isn't too similar to anything that I can think of. It's a very light purple sheer and I really hope they make this color without shimmer in the future too! 





This polish is a neutral sheer with a golden iridescent shimmer added! This one reminds me of CHM (another sheer I love!). This might be my favorite of the whole collection. It looks like a neutral sheer with some added dimension and it's just super beautiful! 





Which color is your favorite of the collection? Are you planning to pick any up? 

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