Ok I KNOW it’s almost the middle of March but we are still doing February favorites because I have some good ones and it was an exciting month for the KARANAILEDIT community!!! Let’s get into the faves!

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Target Sandals

These sandals are AMAZING! It’s no secret that I love crocs and these are basically croc material but in a slide! I wore them to the pool in Arizona a few weeks ago and I also maybe ordered another pair for the house as slippers! They have so much support and they’re only $15!!! And they come in so many cute colors. 

Clean Sunscreen!!!

I honestly am not the best at putting on SPF every day in the winter :/ and I ran out of my face lotion with SPF in it a while ago and didn’t love it. Enter THIS SUNSCREEN from Maelove! Maelove is one of my favorite brands for skincare, I use a bunch of their serums and creams and I just tried this sunscreen also on my trip! The website description literally says this:

“Love sun protection but hate using SPF daily? Change your point of view with The Sun Protector.  This 100% mineral sunscreen is both silky smooth and light as air.”

AND IT’S TRUE! It felt so lightweight and not chalky or greasy like other SPFs I’ve tried. Do you have a favorite sunscreen?! I really also want to try THIS ONE from Hero Cosmetics. It’s green tinted and helps reduce redness!! Count me in. 

First Aid Beauty Niacinamide Brightening Eye Cream

WOWOWOW This might be my #1 favorite this month. This eye cream is so amazing. When you open the tub, it looks like liquid gold, and then you put it on your eye area and it’s super smooth, not irritating at all, soothing, and the best part: it literally illuminates your eye area because the light reflects off of your skin!!! Seriously look at these side by side photos. I was blown away! Niacinamide is really soothing and calming on my skin, so I feel like this eye cream also reduces any puffiness around my eyes and leaves my skin feeling really soft and hydrated. WIN WIN WIN!


I can’t believe I launched three nail courses last month!!! I am SO excited about them and I’m getting amazing feedback from some of you who have tried them! If you’re new here, I launched a Manicure Prep Course, a Perfect Painting 101 Course (for regular nail polish painting), and Gel Manicure Painting & Removal Course!! They are all SUPER IN DEPTH, follow along style videos and you get a detailed PDF download with all of the tools I use/recommend and a checklist to keep handy while you’re doing your nails. If you want a little help with your mani prep or painting, I highly recommend you check them out :) 

PS Use code FEBFAVES for 10% off one of my courses this week!!!

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Not Pot Banana Hemp Cream

I LOVE NOT POT! They make the most soothing and moisturizing lotions (helllooo oat puff hand cream, I love you!). I’ve been using this body lotion every day recently and it’s so lightweight yet hydrating and it smells SO GOOD. I have the fresh banana scent, which actually has a slight ripe banana scent, but it fades quickly and I think the lingering scent is just so lovely. It’s not overpowering but it’s nice! Scents are so hard to explain lol. This lotion also has niacinamide in it and it just feels sooo hydrating and great all over my body. I got another one because I’m almost done with my first tube!!

PS you can use code KARA for 20% OFF at Not Pot!


I feel like I’m seeing bright pink everywhere right now (by everywhere right now I mean I went to the mall this week and saw a lot of pink on mannequins lol). I have this sweatshirt in a blush color (I’m telling you, when I like something, I buy it in every color!!!), and I saw they had this medium/hot pink version and had to scoop it up. I’ve been wearing it so much recently. It’s slightly slightly cropped, sooo soft, and holds up really well in the washer. It’s also $18! And it comes in a ton of colors. I also want the light blue one…


I also wanted to share my most popular affiliate links this month!! I think it’s so interesting what you all are interested in and I’m so excited that you love the things I love! 

Kokoist Peachy Base Gel & Ultra Glossy Non-Wipe Top Coat – Check out THIS BLOG POST and THIS COURSE to see why ;)

THEE Pink Sweatshirt -- twinning :)

My Top Course was the Manicure Prep Course!! Followed by the Ultimate Mani Bundle!

Ten Over Ten Rose Cuticle Oil – The most luxurious cuticle oil I’ve ever used and it’s on sale right now!!!

Geo Deo from Megababe – I LOVE this deo. It smells nice and keeps me smelling nice all day!!

Young Nails Nail Polish Primer – Read THIS BLOG to learn more :)

These Lululemon Align Legging Dupes that are $25!!! They're soooo good!!!


Have you tried any of these items?! I’d love to know what you think!!

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