Are you using a nail primer?!

Have you ever used a nail polish primer and noticed that your nails are either peeling or feeling weak? They're supposed to help your nail polish stay on but they're actually damaging your nails in the process  🥺

THIS PRIMER WILL MAKE YOUR MANI LAST LONGER THAN EVER!! With no damaging effects!!! It's my number one secret product for making my mani's last super long!

Why should you use a primer in the first place? They are the final step in the prep process and really make your nails ready for paint!

Why is this primer different?  This primer is non-acid, which means it's non-corrosive and WON'T DAMAGE YOUR NAILS! When I heard about how regular primers were damaging and making people's nails feel weak, I wanted to find a better solution that would actually maintain my client's nail health and NOT make things worse. Enter THIS PRIMER!! 

It's by Young Nails which is a leader in the artificial nail game, and they have amazing tips on their youtube and instagram page. I've learned so much from them! 

Ok here are the details:

- Non-acid, non-corrosive, non-damaging

- My favorite part of this primer, it dries TACKY so it's literally giving your nail polish an adhesive surface to stick on to, thus making it last SO LONG! It literally creates an anchor for your polish to adhere to.

- It's liquid-y and so easy to apply!! After I'm done with prep, I swipe it on, let it dry for about a minute, and then proceed!! I love this because it's such a great step to add to your routine, but it takes virtually no time at all! 

- It works for regular polish, gel, acrylic, etc.!!! We love a universal product. 

Have you checked out my Manicure Prep Course and Perfect Painting 101 course yet?! I walk through all of my manicure prep and show you how to paint your nails PERFECTLY every time and of course I'm using all of my favorite products, including this primer :) 

I'd love if you check it out!!! 

Have you tried primers? What have your experiences been like?


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  • I’m so interested in trying this! I was just looking at a primer that week from Dermelect. Hmmm. Maybe I’ll have to check out this one too!


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