WEAK NAILS - What to do, How to fix them, What I Recommend!

I have a confession… my nails are feeling SO WEAK right now 😭 I have been doing so much content the past few weeks and it’s taken a toll on them. I know not everyone does their nails as much as me (which is sometimes 5 times a day lol), but most everyone DOES suffer from weak nails at some point. Whether you just took off some gel or dip, or it’s just dry out and your nails are feeling it, this post is for all of us! 

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So my nails are not peeling right now, but they do feel really thin and I feel like I just have to be SO careful so I don’t break one. If your nails are peeling, see this blog post here for more info!

I find that getting your nails back on track to feeling STRONG is to leave them alone. Since I make content mostly on my left hand, my right hand rarely gets painted, and those nails are actually really strong and I rarely break them. So if you have the time, my biggest suggestion would be to give your nails a little break. Maybe paint them with a strengthening base polish (more on this later) and use cuticle oil and lotion every day for a week and see how they feel.

Since that’s not really possible for me right now, and maybe you just love having your nails done too, here’s what I’ve been doing to combat my weak and bendy nails!

  • Supplements: I’m not claiming these are miracle working ingredients but I’ve been trying to be more diligent with taking these supplements that claim to help with nail health. I will say, I’ve noticed my nails are growing really fast and well while taking these! 
  • Applying strengthening base coats: I like to use strengthening BASE COATS here that are like clear polish because I like to have a layer of polish on my nails to help aid in a little strength. If you’re using a strengthener that’s just a liquid and that’s working great for you, that’s great! I have found that some of them can be drying and actually make your nails weaker and peel. If this is happening to you, maybe switch to a strengthening base coat instead. Here are some that I like:
    • Nail Tek Recovery Kits: These kits are so great because you can choose one that works best for your nail problems, like I would choose the one for soft nails! They have a few different options that come with strengthener, ridge filler treatment and cuticle oil, and they’re on sale right now! 
    • Maxus Nail Strengthener: I love this brand and this strengthener is so great.
    • Citra Nail Strengthener: This is the polish I have on my nails right now! It’s a pretty thin base coat so it works super well underneath manicures! 
    • Do you have a favorite strengthener? Let me know in the comments!
  • Keeping up with my nail maintenance! 
    • This is so important if your nails are feeling weak and peeling! I love to re-shape and trim my nails weekly to keep them at a manageable length for my life. If they’re getting strong, I’ll let them continue to grow. Otherwise, if they’re weak and grow too long, it’s just a matter of time before they crack and break. THE WORST!!!  I will re-shape my nails about once every 5-7 days, with light filing or cutting. Mine have been growing so fast recently so cutting is necessary. 
    • Tip: Short and round nails are the strongest shape for your nails! Try this for a week or so and see if it helps your nails feel stronger.
    • I also think it’s important to prep your nails properly for manicures without doing any harm… I go over this and my exact process in my Manicure Prep Class!! I prep my nails about the same cadence as shaping them to keep my cuticles at bay and keep them looking great. Whenever I prep my nails before painting them, I use my exact prep process! Sometimes I just cut out some of the shaping work if I like my length. 
  • CUTICLE OIL!!! Here are my favorites:
  • MY GEL HACK!!! If you’re into gel, or you want to try it, I have an entire blog post dedicated to my favorite nail hack using the base builder gels I recommend! This hack gives your nails SO MUCH STRENGTH!!! And you can paint them any color you want over the top with regular polish or switch your polish as much as you’d like! 
    • Gel Nails BLOG!!  Read more about my hack and my favorite products here!
    • Gel Manicure Course!! In this course I show you how to exactly apply my steps and remove your gel carefully so you don’t damage your nails in the process. The outcome is super beautiful strong and healthy nails! 
    • Fix a nail crack with gel: https://www.instagram.com/p/CboXIW1NtNV/

Do you have any tips to getting your nail strength back?? Leave yours in the comments!

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