Kokoist is having a 20% off sale this week, plus up to 25% off a few specific items too (more on this at the end)! The sale starts 7/4 and ends on 7/7!

They only have three sales per year and this is the second one! I wanted to share my top 5 recommendations for getting started with Kokoist PLUS top 10 fun summer items, and a few other resources in case you need a little help deciding what to get!

See ALL of my favorite Kokoist recommendations in this handy spreadsheet HERE!

Top 5 Picks For Getting Started With Kokoist:

1A. Education!!!!

My courses are 20% off this week in conjunction with the Kokoist sale! I would recommend watching these before using Kokoist or any gel products tbh because there is a learning curve and it’s super important to use these products safely for you and your nail’s health! My courses use Kokoist products too, so you can buy what you need & learn EXACTLY how to safely use them while watching!

Basic Gel Manicure Course (great for anyone who is new to gel)

Advanced Gel Manicure Course (my exact builder gel fill + e-file process!)

Use code FOURTH for 20% off!

1. Ultra Glossy Non-Wipe Top Coat

My favorite, most used top coat ever! It’s non-wipe, scratch resistant, doesn’t dull, encapsulated your nails beautifully. It’s the BEST!

2. Megastick Base

A soft super sticky adhesive base. If you struggle with lifting, this is your savior!!! I use it under most of my manicures for extra insurance and also I like to wear it under tinted bases to make filling them even easier! I explain that more in my Advanced Gel Manicure Course!

3. Platinum Filler Base

A bit thicker than NTB’s above, it’s great for medium/longer nails because the strength is UNMATCHED! It’s also HEMA free, it’s formulated with nano-colloids for an antibacterial effect, and it’s literally meant to be filled and stay on your nails for long periods of time while keeping them healthy!

4. Nail Thoughts Baby Cakes Tinted Builder Base

You really can’t go wrong with which ones you get but I LOVE this color & it’s one of the best sellers for a reason! There are over 30 colors to choose from too! Some of my favorites are Baby Cakes Base, Hazelnut Creamer Base, Honey Tea Base, Strawberry Milk Base, Clear Builder Base! Check out THIS BLOG POST for photos of every base and more info!

5. Nail Thoughts I Mean… Color Gel

One of my most used colors!! It’s so sheer and beautiful and it looks perfect on its own or used a base for a french manicure or nail art! There are also over 70 colors to choose from in the color gel collection. I listed out all of my favorite colors in this spreadsheet too!

Honorable Mention: Le Blanc Lamp

Truly the best lamp on the market and these sales are the only time it will be discounted!!! Plus, if you’re committing to using Kokoist & Nail Thoughts products, using the Kokoist lamp is going to guarantee that your gels are fully cured which is SAFE and they will last longer on yours or your client’s nails too!

Top 10 Fun Summer Items!!!

1. Nail Thoughts Strawberry Lemonade Builder Base

Perfect for the pink jelly nail trend!!! This is part of the builder base line so you can do this product + a top coat and be done with your nails!

2. Nail Thoughts Lolly Color Gel

Sorry but I am so obsessed with jelly pink nails for summer and this one is also PERFECT if you’re looking for a hot pink! It’s super sheer and I love doing two coats + layering some Enigma over it for glitter!! (Ps - you DO need a base with this one. I’d recommend NT Clear Builder Base, Platinum Filler Base or Megastick Base. I like a clear base because it looks extra JELLY!)

3. Nail Thoughts Enigma Color Gel

Clear color gel with chunky rainbow and iridescent glitters in it!! (Ps - you DO need a base with this gel, if you want this color with base built in, check out NTB Shave Ice Base!!!)

4. Nail Thoughts Vol. 5 Color Gel

The new Vol. 5 collection has so many fun bright jelly colors for summer!! I listed out all of my other favorite NT colors in this spreadsheet too!

5. Kokoist Tropical Water Magnet Gel + A Magnet

My favorite nail trend right now (besides 3D nails!!). Kokoist just launched their Water Magnet gels this last month which are SO pretty. I also love Universal Rose, Dramatic Magnet in White or Lavender, Satin Magnet in Apricot or Mauve. But you can’t go wrong!! And make sure to get a magnet too! I used the new Tropical Water color below, isn’t it sooo cool!?! PS - if you buy these as a set, they’re 25% off!

6. Kokoist Dramatic White Magnet Gel

My favorite and most used color from the Dramatic Magnet collection! These have slightly larger glitter particles in them, and they’re two toned gels (so each one will reflect one color when you look at it in some lights and a different color in other lights!) and they are SO pretty! I also love Dramatic Lavender but you can’t go wrong! PS - if you buy these as a set, they’re 25% off!

7. Kokoist Sun Coral Color Gel

I’m obsessed with tomatoes and I’ve found the PERFECT slightly muted tomato red jelly nail color. I wore this on my toes recently and I can’t wait to put it on my fingers soon!! You do need a brush with this gel - more on that below!

8. Nail Thoughts Brush Set

An application brush, smoosh brush, and a liner brush all in one set! These are my most used brushes!!!

9. Kokoist Non-Wipe Accessory Bond

This is the perfect product for doing 3D nails because it’s non-wipe! So you can just apply it over your top coat and it’s good to go!!! Also, you can use it to add sequins or rhinestones or gems. You can also do isolated chrome with it! SO many possibilities!

10. Liquid Mirror Chrome or Chrome Pen

If you know me, you know I can hardly exist without chrome on my nails!! I love the Liquid Mirror set, they’re super pigmented and unique! The chrome pens are also amazing because the chrome is literally IN the pen, it keeps your station and your hands way cleaner than other chromes! And they are SO pigmented!!!!

Be sure to check out my Kokoist Blog Post for SO many pics and more recommendations! And this spreadsheet for links to everything I love and use all of the time!!

The sale is 20% OFF everything, except a few special items will be 25% OFF listed below:

The sale starts on Thursday 7/4 at 12:01 am CT and ends Sunday 7/7 at 11:59 pm CT!!!!

Shop the sale from here :) and let me know if you need any recommendations!!!

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