The Lazy Genius x Olive & June Review - NEW COLLECTION!!

New polish is here!!! Olive & June just launched a new collaboration with The Lazy Genius today and I’m here with all of the photos and info you need!! I thought it would be fun to document my swatches and photos of the new collection on my blog so it lives here forever. Let me know in the comments if you like this format and if you have any questions! 

Check out the new collection here!

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This is a warm neutral brown shade. I *love* colors like this and think they look so beautiful when you’re in the mood for a classic neutral mani. This one applies really nicely in 2 thin coats for shiny and opaque finish! 



Immediately when I got this color I thought it looked like MG from the fall 2020 collection (another one of my fave neutrals!!). I will say that these two colors are very similar, the main difference that I found is that MG is a little more pinky/peachy. I love both colors but I’m not sure if you need both :) It's also much less yellow-y than Caramel Budino (which was my FAVE color from the winter collection. I think it's so unique!!)

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I LOVE THIS COLOR!! Coral-y reds are my favorite so I was so excited to see this one in the collection! It’s described as an orange-toned red. It’s so fun for a bright mani or pedi!! This color applied amazingly in two coats! 
















I thought this color was most similar to Lava, so I was surprised to see it next to Larchmont and how they were actually the closest match! Lava is much more orange than YDG, whereas Larchmont is an orange-leaning red! When you see YDG next to CV, CV looks much more blue/purple toned. Larchmont looks slightly more red than YDG, so if you’re looking for a perfect polish in between Lava and Larchmont, this is it!

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The namesake of this collection is a perfect purple polish!!! It’s described as a medium orchid purple and I’m so excited about this one!! I love a purple pedi so I’m pumped to wear this soon! This polish also went on super smoothly in two coats. It has a really creamy, easy to apply formula!



I couldn’t even think of another color that was similar to this one except *maybe* Wild Orchid. I didn’t even think of Art Class or Grape Soda because they are just not similar!! When I put Wild Orchid on next to TLG, it looked like a hot pink! I was shocked. This color is the most unique one in the collection so I definitely recommend picking it up if you’re into purples! 

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Overall, this collection is a really fun group for early Spring! I’m going somewhere warm next week so I’m excited to have a reason for a pedi and I think YDG or TLG is calling my name. If you’re not looking to buy the whole collection, I would recommend YDG (only if you don’t have Larchmont or Lava already), or TLG for a truly unique purple! 

These colors are also available in the mani system!! I wrote a blog post all about the mani system that you can check out HERE for more info. Also, save 20% on your mani system purchase with my code OJKARA20 :)

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Which colors are you thinking about picking up?? Tell me in the comments!

Spring is coming soon I hope (I don’t actually know anything lol but I have to assume!), do you like this type of review? Is there anything else you’re dying to know? Let me know!


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  • Thanks so much for the reviews and especially the pictures! It’s so hard to tell sometimes on the O&J website how different or similar the colors are. This cleared that up! :-)

  • Love this review! Thank you!

  • What about TLG and Grape Soda?

  • Love this review with the similar colors next to each other! Thank you!

  • This is great! Seeing the new colors painted next to some colors I already know, along with your opinion on what colors are similar is really helpful. It truly helps me decide what’s worth adding to my collection.


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