The BEST Sheer Polishes!

There’s something about sheer nails that I’m absolutely obsessed with right now. I grew out my nails for about a month recently and I just couldn’t stand how long they were anymore. So I chopped them short, and painted them sheer pink. I literally felt like a new woman. They just look so chic and grow out so nicely too. 

I also have to give sheer pedicures a moment of love. I’m all for a fun bright pedi every now and then! BUT I do my own pedicures and it’s hard enough to reach them so why torture myself with a color that won’t look great if I make a mess?! I’ve been on the sheer pedicure train for almost a year and I don’t think I’ll ever look back. It looks so natural and nice too! 

Read on for a list + photos of all of my favorite sheer polishes that I’m gravitating hard toward right now. Some are neutrals and some are brights, and they’re all stunning!!

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PPS - Anything that's underlined is LINK!

Overcast + I Mean…

I did a “barely there” french manicure with these two colors (check out my video here!) and I was just blown away by how beautiful they were!! Omg I will be recreating this soon. 

By The Way…

This is a stunning sheer light pink, I have it on as I type and it’s just sooo good! I just did one coat and I love how subtle it is. 

Pool Float

Such a fun bright blue! And SO unique. I used this recently for some nail art, but I need to use it over Overcast or Milky Base for a Blueberry Milk look soon!! 


This is the coolest purple color ever, isn’t it?! 


My next manicure is going to be Lolly + Chrome. I’m ALL IN on bright pinks right now. Barbiecore is so cute and I’m excited to have some super pink nails this week!! 

Builder Base Gels!

If you’ve been around for a minute, you know I’m obsessed with the sheer tinted builder base gels from Kokoist x Nail Thoughts!! These are so good and simple for a 2-step manicure. Here are some of my faves:

Berry Base - A sheer berry purple. I just used this on my friend and I’m OBSESSED! It’s such a fun sheer purple for spring!

Peachy Base - My ALL TIME favorite base gel :) A sheer, peachy neutral

Strawberry Milk Base - A sheer, milky pink! 

Milky Base - Sheer, milky white!

Clear Builder Base (I JUST used this on a broken nail to fix the crack so I didn’t need to cut of my entire nail! I have a video about it HERE!


Hard Candy: This is a BRIGHT red, but it’s sheer/jelly and it’s amazing!

Strawberry Lemonade: This one is IT! It’s my ideal hot pink. It’s sheer, it’s jelly, it’s EVERYTHING!  

Cotton Candy: This one is like strawberry milk’s hotter cousin. It’s milky hot pink. YUM! This is my favorite sheer pink! It’s really pigmented while still looking sheer, it’s just so good!

Hazelnut Creamer: This one is like peachy base’s more opaque cousin! SO GOOD. This is by far my favorite base color ever!!! I use it the most and it looks amazing every time

Cantaloupe: This one is also similar to peachy base… A little more peachy than Hazelnut! I just used this for the first time and I loveeee. It’s so pretty and has a slightly peachy/orange hint but it’s so subtle! *this image below has velvet glitter on it! read more about it on this post!!

Mauve: A sheer, moody mauve!! **this has velvet glitter on it too :) I'm obsessed lol

Iced Latte: A warm, peachy brown with a jelly consistency!! *this has velvet glitter on it too! 

When I’m using regular polish, I pretty much always reach for this trio from Olive & June! ALSO, this is what I typically use on my toes too. They are just so good! Sometimes I’ll add a little shimmer or frosty color over the top if I’m feeling crazy too ;)

I love using these under nail art especially, so here are some looks I’ve done recently with these as bases! 


A perfect milky white!!

Strawberry Scone

A perfect light pink sheer!! (I can't find a picture rn!!)

The Queen Takes Her Tea With Milk

A mauvey sheer that is just soooo good!


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