It’s time for another Olive & June Collection Review!!! This one is for Fall 2022: Cafe O&J! It’s inspired by cute cafes and delicious coffee, so obviously it’s right up my alley! 

Have you heard about my favorite hack for wearing all of my regular polishes while keeping my nails protected and helping them grow longer? Plus my nails are never stained from regular polish, I don’t have ridges, and my nails never peel?? The secret is *clear builder gel*!

I wear a thin layer of clear builder gel under my nails most days to give my nails are super smooth, plump surface. It gives my nails so much strength so they can grow out without being bendy, I truly can hit them on anything and they won’t break, and they’re never stained from regular polish. It’s THE BEST! Here are some links if you’re interested in learning more:

My FAVE Clear Builder Base – It’s so shiny and makes my nails SO strong

My NEW Gel Manicure 1.0 Masterclass Tutorial Course – If you’re new to gel manicures or can’t seem to perfect your at-home process, you NEED to watch this. 

My Builder Gel Application Course – My exact process for applying builder gel. It’s so much easier than you think. Once you watch this, you’ll be a pro in no time!

My NEW Dry Manicure Prep Course – Prep is KEY for making your manicures last. This is my brand new Dry Manicure course where I go into detail on how to prep your nail surface, how I do my cuticle care + nip my cuticles, and how I shape my nails. This works for both regular and gel manicures! 

Read more about this process here!!

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There is NOT a box with this collection, instead, there’s a limited edition reusable to-go coffee cup and a larger pouch that all of the tools and polishes come in! Since they’re limited edition, if you want a cup, I would snag it quick!! Look how cute it is!!! 


Ok lets get into the colors:


This is a cobalt blue, like a true, BRIGHT blue and it’s so pretty. Definitely my favorite of the collection. It’s really unique, kind of moody and dark, but it works so well as a transition color to fall since it’s not super deep in my opinion. I love this color!! It was easy to paint with and this is two coats!

I personally think this color is really unique for O&J, the most similar ones are likely Blue Canoe or CNH, but they are lighter/creamer than BM.


This polish is a deep berry. It painted on sooo smoothly and was really opaque in two coats. I loved it! I think reds are sometimes hard to paint with, but this one was a dream! 

The most similar color to LS is definitely Cozy Up, but I think Cozy Up is a bit more brown leaning.  It’s also similar to Nailfie Time in the berry sense, but still different! Describing colors is hard lol. 


This is a bold espresso brown polish that’s rich and dreamy to paint! I really love how easily this one went on. I think it’s most similar to JJ, but it’s definitely darker. CN is darker and has more black tones in it, vs. TYB which reads more rich/bold to me! 


This is a creamy neutral tan polish. I painted two coats here! These neutral polishes are just naturally not my favorite so I don’t have a ton of praise here but it definitely did go on smoothly and looks nice! I think it’s most similar to MM or Chemistry, but it’s a bit lighter and more yellow leaning. 


This is a neutral lavender grey polish. It’s a fun take on a grey or white polish if you want something to switch it up! I think this one, since it’s a creamy pastel, is a little bit more challenging to paint with and I did 3 coats to make it look smooth and pretty! It’s most similar to TT for sure, but a little less grey so if you want a more lavender color, this one is for you! I also compared it to CDJ, which looks a bit brown/neutral than TU. 


This is a dusty rose pink polish and I LOVE IT!! This is one of those polishes that goes on so smoothly and looks amazing in two coats. I also just love colors like this personally!! This color is most similar to World Lit or Study Hall (which I sadly forgot to take a picture with, sorry!!). World Lit is more purple, and Study Hall is more pink/lighter. If you are looking for a unique darker rosy color, this one is perfect! 


I love unique bright colors and rarely ever choose neutrals personally, so my faves from this collection are definitely Blueberry Muffin and Yogurt Parfait!! They're both so pretty and paint sooo nicely! 

I also got an interesting question from someone that said "If you already have a bunch of O&J colors, which ones would you pick up and which ones would you skip?" I love this question! If you have almost every O&J color, I think Blueberry Muffin is truly the most unique color, so I would suggest that one for sure.

Are you struggling with painting your nails?

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This course covers how to properly paint your nails with regular polish. Even if you think you know what you’re doing, I promise you will learn so many new tips for how to paint, and how to make your manicure last for even longer with my methods.

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*Disclaimer: links may be affiliate links which means I might earn a small commission on your purchase! Thank you for your support!

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  • “Describing colors is hard” lol! Love this post! Well, all your posts. I agree with your assessments here! I have a different skin tone so I will see how I end up liking the colors once I get them and paint them. But so far I love them all on you. Thanks for all the awesome pics!


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