Obsessed With Magnet Glitter Gels! ✨

Magnet glitter nails, or cat eye nails, or velvet nails (there are so many names!) are my new obsession!!! I’ve used these polishes for a while now, but before, I only had one neutral color that I would layer on top of other colors, but NOW, there are SO MANY NEW ONES on the market that are neutral and bright and nuanced and just so much fun. Here are some of my favorites:

The magnet:

You obviously need a magnet to activate the glitter particles in these polishes! I have the 5D magnet from Kokoist and also the High Powered Magnet! I also got one from Amazon and they all work great!

One thing I learned about magnets is that they can actually stop working if you drop them because it can mess up the magnetic field. So if you notice that your magnet isn’t working very well, I would suggest replacing it!

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THE OG: Kokoist Down Under Planet Universal Rose

This was the first magnet glitter I ever tried! It’s a really perfect subtle neutral color with silvery magnet glitter in it and it looks great on top of literally any color!! I’ve used it over Nail Thoughts Mauve Base (such an underrated base color!) and Iced Latte Base (another underrated color!) to name a few. This one is an OG for a reason and it’s beautiful!

L: Iced Latte Base R: Mauve Base!! Matching with my bestie :)

Kokoist Dramatic Magnet:

This is a newer collection of 16 magnet gels from Kokoist that are two-toned or three-toned sparkly magnet gels. They are SO cool and unique. I’ve never seen anything like them! My favorite part about these gels is that you paint on the color, and then when you use the magnet, a NEW color shows up when the particles are activated by it. It’s just so cool. I’ve only had the chance to use Dramatic Lavender (which is iridescent lavender glitter and golden glitter) and Dramatic White (one of my FAVES!!! which is silvery white glitter with lavender iridescent glitter). Try not to stare for too long when you put them on :)

I’m really excited to try Dramatic Ruby, Dramatic Aqua, Dramatic Peacock, and Dramatic Ocean (honestly they are all so pretty though!!!).

This combo is one of my favorite manicures I’ve done this year! It’s Kokoist Platinum Filler Base, Juicy Pink + Dramatic White!

And here is Dramatic Lavender! You can really see how the color shifts completely in the sunlight!!! I’m obsessed.

Kokoist Water Magnet & Satin Magnet:

These are another collection with the Kokoist Magnet gels that have veryyy small shimmery particles in them instead of larger glitter particles. This means that instead of looking glittery like the ones above, they have a more smooth satin-y, silky effect!! The Satin Magnet collection has seven neutral polishes in it and Water Magnet has nine polishes in it, a few neutrals but also a few more vibrant colors too!!

The video tutorial below uses Satin Magnet & Dramatic Magnet so you can really see how it looks in action! And below is Water Magnet in Tropical Water! With little water droplets, naturally!!

Sweetie Nail Supply Magnet Glitters!

I ordered this Valla purple magnet glitter from THIS collection to try on a whim and O M G it’s one of my favorite gels I’ve literally ever used. It has a purple syrup gel base, with shimmery holographic glitter, iridescent purple shimmers, and also holographic tinsel glitter in it. It’s SOO cool. After I tried it I also ordered a baby blue version, a neutral peachy version, and a white version (so bridal ;)). I can’t wait to use them!

I also ordered a few other magnet glitters from Yogurt Nail Kr. Glass Bead collection too that I can’t wait to try either!!

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