It is DRY and COLD here in Minnesota in the winters, we're talking like -20 degrees some days. Love it. I've been getting super into hydration this winter and I think I've found my ideal hydration routine for my face, hands, and feet! Plus, I've been LOVING slugging. Let's get into it. PS. Anything that's underlined is a link!



I'm not perfect with my skincare routine everyday, but I DO try to at least moisturize. I can't stand my face feeling dry - it hurts! Here's what I've been loving doing + the steps (this works for night and day, but I only do slugging at night)

Cleanse: I only cleanse once per day or else my skin will dry out too much. I'll either use the Derma E Brightening Cleanser or warm water.

Toner: I love spritzing a toner to rehydrate my skin and I feel like it cleans it a little bit more! But the first reason is most important, especially before applying additional serums and moisturizers. I've been using this Thayer's toner for years and I love it so much!

Serums & Acids: This is the part that changes for me daily. I usually try to switch up which serums and acids I use every day (mostly because I have a bunch that I want to use but also because I hope they eventually work together to make my skin look great? lol). Here's what I rotate through:

Vitamin C: I have been using Matter of Fact Vitamin C & Moisturizer combo (I feel like I could write an entire post about this!! Vitamin C is so interesting to me)

Hyaluronic Acid: I love this one from Maelove. It feels moisturizing right when you put it on!! I've been using Maelove products for a while and I LOVE them all. This is one that I try to always use in the winter because I really feel like it helps LOCK in moisture.

AHA or BHA: I like to use an AHA or BHA at night to maintain my skin's texture and tone. I really like this one from Maelove! Their products are so gentle and my skin loves them.  

Moisturizer: My new FAVE find recently is the First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream Intense Hydration. I'm soooo obsessed with it. First, you can use it everywhere on your body. It smells really nice. I think it has a super subtle eucalyptus / rosemary / clean scent that I love. My skin loves it too. I'm so happy I found it!! I would recommend getting the huge one so you can use it all over your body too, and also a mini one for your purse to keep your hands and face moisturized on the go. It's a game changer! 

Oil: During the day I like putting an oil over my FAB Cream for extra moisture. This one from Everyday Oil is my favorite. It smells like a spa and you can also use it anywhere on your body or as an oil based face wash or even hair oil. I love one product that acts as so many things! 

Eye Cream: The Derma E HA Eye Cream is my favorite. It feels so rich and hydrating!

SLUGGING: Ok what is Slugging? Basically, it's the act of putting super thick moisturizing products on top of your skincare to lock in moisture over night while you sleep. You're super shiny & slick, like a slug! Let's all agree the name is gross lol. Here's more info about it if you want to read up! You can do this on your face or your hands or feet! We'll get there later :)

For my face, I like to do all of the steps above, and then at the very end, I'll put Aquaphor Healing Ointment alllll over my face until I'm super shiny. I usually do this like 30 minutes before I actually fall asleep, so it soaks in a little bit but YES your face will be sticky. I have some tips.

Tips for sleeping while slugging:

- I always put my hair in a high pony while I sleep to keep any hair off of my face. Mostly because I hate how it feels. These Kristen Ess Scrunchies are silky and smooth and I love them for sleep. 

- Use a pillowcase that you won't mind if it gets greasy, because it probably will! But it's worth it.

Mini Humidifier!!! I'm so obsessed with mine. I've been sleeping next to it for about a month and I've noticed that my nose and throat don't feel dry when I wake up, and it also helps retain moisture in your skin and hair too. And it's also a night light and it's so cute. I have loved adding this to my night routine! 

Please enjoy this photo of me post-slugging last night! When I wake up, most of the Aquaphor is absorbed and my skin feels so moisturized. I do this maybe 2-3 times a week!



I always get asked how I keep my cuticles from being dry and sadly the only answer is that you have to be super diligent with hydrating them!! I have a few tips and my fave products below.

Lotion: I'm obsessed with putting lotion on my hands. There are usually multiple lotions near my at all times. Here are some of my favorites for different occasions:

Olive & June Hand Serum: This hand serum is SO moisturizing. I love it because it's not greasy or thick at all but it still works! It's like magic. I love using this after doing my nails, and I also keep it in my purse. It's perfect if you're out and about and need to hydrate, but you don't have time to let your lotion sink in before touching things.

Not Pot Oat Puff CBD Eczema Creme: This might be my favorite thing of 2022 so far. It smells like SUBTLE vanilla oat milk, and it feels like whipped fluffy cream when you put it on. I hope they never discontinue this. It's made with oatmeal and coconut oil so it's soothing at the same time as being hydrating. I love using this daily, but also when my hands are SO dry because it's gentle and healing. If you're looking for a new lotion. TRY THIS!! You can use my code KARA for 20% off also :) 

First Aid Beauty Intense Hydration Cream: See above!! But also, I used to use the True Blue Spa Paraffin Dip hand cream from Bath and Body Works (major throwback lol did anyone else use this?!) and I LOVED how it felt like silky, so hydrating, and smooth. This lotion is the only product I've ever found that feels similar and I'm obsessed. I put it on after I shower, I have one in my purse, and I put it on before bed too! It's the best. 


Cuticle Oil: My favorite cuticle oil is from Miniluxe. It's a rollerball, it smells really good (like a spa!!) and it's just so convenient!! BUT I am a firm believer that it doesn't matter what you use on your cuticles, just USE SOMETHING!! You can buy any brand of cuticle oil, or even just Vitamin E oil from Trader Joes will work. Put it on when you're sitting around because it's oily and you need to let it soak in for a few minutes! I really like the O&J Cuticle Serum for on-the-go cuticle hydration, but nothing compares to cuticle oil. If you're not using it yet, PLEASE start :)

Salve or Balm: I also love putting something thick on my cuticles from time to time because I can really tell that they just soak it all up. I love using the Olive & June Heel Balm, I just put some on my fingers and rub it on. It's perfect!! There's also this amazing Trader Joe's salve that is PERFECT for cuticles and dry spots on your skin. I'm not 100% sure if it still exists? But if you see it, grab some! It's like $5 and amazing. I believe this Dr Bronners product would be the same too! I'm dying to try it!


Hydrating Foot Balm: I LOVE THIS STUFF!!! It smells soooo good (again, like a spa. My favorite scent lol). It's a really hydrating cream and it just feels so lovely and refreshing when you put it on your feet. 

Olive & June Heel Balm: The hype is REAL! This stuff is so incredibly hydrating on your feet. I'm obsessed with my foot routine, that I will get into in a second ;) but this step is crucial. 

SLUGGING!!! Ok here's my foot routine and how I "slug" my feet. It's my favorite thing to do post shower! 

1. FOOT FILE! While you're in the shower use a file to slough away any dead skin. I'm loving this glass file from Bona Fide Beauty. It's super gentle but so effective!! 

2. Hydrating Foot Cream

3. Heel Balm

4. SOCKS! This is a must. I have been LOVING these socks from Hanes. They really help all of the goodness soak in and they're not super precious so it's ok if they get a little greasy!! 

I don't really slug my hands often since I'm usually using them... But when I do, here is my order:

1. Cuticle Serum

2. Cuticle Oil or Salve

3. Hand Lotion (like Oat Puff Creme)

4. Heel Balm (for real... I love rubbing this all over my hands!!!! It's so moisturizing. You will need to sit around or let it soak in for like 10 minutes but trust me your hands will soak it all up.)

4. OR I love using Weleda Skin Food. It's like the richest cream I've ever tried! It's so hydrating. You definitely need to wait around a little bit to let it soak in, but it's worth it! 


That was so much longer than I thought it would be but I am so passionate about staying hydrated!! I hate how dry skin feels and this has seriously helped me combat the winter dryness! 

What are your favorite products and tips for winter hydration?! I'd love to hear from you in the comments! 


*Disclaimer: Some links above are affiliate links which means I make a small commission on your purchase at no cost to you! This commission helps support this blog and me! Thank you so much for your support!!!


  • I’m super neglectful when it comes to my cuticles, and you can tell… but I am trying to get better. Honestly I have a thing about my palms and in between my fingers feeling greasy, so I hate using lotion on my hands. But my friend gave me a Hempz brand lotion that seems to absorb pretty quickly and not be too greasy and smells amazing (a vaguely bananaish coconutty tropically scent), so I’ve been trying to use that. I have a variety of different cuticle oils & balms that I’ve been rotating just to get in the habit of doing it daily. My face is super oily so I almost never moisturize my face, unless it’s super dry or we are having windy weather or something. Our climate here in CA isn’t nearly as harsh as MN! My feet, meh, I kind of just leave them alone, get a monthly pedicure and hope for the best, haha!

  • Thanks Kara! I would love to hear more about how you use vitamin C & BHA & AHAs!

  • Jaquelyn @thesweetpetunia — If you get it, you have to let me know what you think!! :) I’m such a fan, I can’t stop talking about it ;) Also, yay on the Trader Joe’s balm!! I should pick up more next time I’m there. It’s so great for the winter!

    Kara Crevier
  • Yay Cathy!! Please let me know what you think about the lotion! It is BRUTAL here. The 40-degree temps today feel tropical!

    Kara Crevier
  • Great recommendations, Kara! I just placed an order for the Not Pot. Our weather in the fine state of Minnesota is a bit brutal on the skin. Can’t wait to try it!

    Cathy Zielske

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