My Favorite Nail Art Tools!

Whether you're a beginner looking to get into nail art, or you're just looking for some new tools, here are ALL of my favorites that I reach for every day!



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I love using these nail art brushes for a few reasons:

- They are SO narrow! This allows you to really get small details and lines right.

- There are 3 options! I love this because sometimes I want a specific shape and you can play around with which brush feels right for whatever design you're doing!

- They are only $10! I love this because you can easily get into nail art without breaking the bank!! And -- I'm not going to lie, I've probably purchased like 5 sets of these so far from ruining them by not taking care of them, and the good thing is, they're not that expensive to replace. HOWEVER! You definitely should learn from my mistakes and take good care of these brushes because they will LAST! Here's what I do: When I'm done with my design, I remove the polish from the brushes with a cotton ball & some acetone. This is important -- DO NOT DIP IT INTO A REMOVER POT! It will make the bristles fray and you'll ruin the brush. Then, I put a little cuticle oil on the bristles to smooth out and moisturize the bristles. Always put the cover back on the brush and keep it in a safe area where it won't get tangled with anything else. I haven't had to repurchase the brushes for a long time since I've been more diligent about the care. 

Link to liner brushes here!



You can definitely use household tools as your dotting tools, but there's something a little more satisfying about being about to control the size of your dot with a metal tool! I love how these come in sets of five, with two sizes per tool, the options are truly endless!!! PS. Don't sleep on the largest dotting tool, it's so great for making hearts and huge dot flowers (one of my most popular designs from the summer!)

Link to dotting tools here!




I discovered these brushes this summer when I was looking for a short, flat, brush for smushing around polish to create cool designs. I didn't realize I would LOVE the other brushes that come in this set as much as I do. The little flat fanning brush makes the coolest streaky, dry brush look. And I really like the other larger brushes for creating flower petals, circles, etc. These come in handy when the narrow liner brushes aren't cutting it and have allowed me to try executing designs in new ways! 

Link to brushes here!



You probably have this already, but if not... It's a MUST! You can use it to clean up a paint job, but you can also use it for art! If you're doing a negative space look, or clean up any mess from a french manicure attempt! They're essential for an at home mani! Same tip with these -- DON'T DIP IT INTO A REMOVER POT!! It will make the brushes fray and even one rogue bristle can mess things up. It's not worth it!!

Link to my clean up brushes!


These are all amazing starter tools if you're looking to get into nail art or try some new tricks! I'll be sharing videos with nail art how-tos, tips, and more soon! 


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  • Such a good tip to not dip the clean up brush directly into the remover pot! I will stop doing this! I want to maintain my brush as much as possible.

  • Hi Kara!!
    Do you use a nail fan to dry your nails?
    Also how do you clean the brushes?

  • Can you do a short demo on how you use the brushes and clean up brush? Not the super thin ones but the variety pack of brushes! Also, do you have a small container to use the clean up brush with acetone?


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