Was this the longest month ever?? I feel like yes. Some notable things I did this month were survive extreme cold (like -25 degrees 🙂), attempt dry January (I drank a few times but overall I’m so impressed with myself!), and I STARTED THIS BLOG/WEBSITE!! There are some super exciting things coming soon that I cannot wait to share! Thanks so much for your support and for visiting this page!

FYI: Anything that’s underlined is a link! 

I’ve been trying not to shop or buy things very much right now, I’m in saving mode! So these favorites are mostly things I’ve been loving this month vs. new buys. It’s actually kind of refreshing to just tell myself I’m not shopping (although I did have a few weak moments lol) and accept that I’m not buying new things so I can really enjoy the things I already have! 

Let’s get into it…

Mini humidifier:

This has changed my life, for real. It’s so cold and dry here, and this has been my savior overnight. My skin, hair and nostrils/throat feel so much more hydrated after adding this to my night time routine. I fill it up while I’m doing my skincare/brushing my teeth, plug it in and then have a wonderful sleep. It’s also a night light which is a fun feature if you want to wind down with some soft lighting!



I’m so ready for winter to be over so I can stop talking about this lol. But really, slugging has been one of my favorite discoveries! I remember when I was younger and knew nothing about skincare in the winter, my skin would get SO dry and flaky that I would have to put vaseline on it to prevent it from cracking. Now, I do my regular skincare at night, then apply a thin layer of Aquafor over the top and when I wake up my skin is soo hydrated and plump. It’s such a game changer if you have dry skin right now. I wrote ALL about slugging for your face, hands and feet in THIS BLOG POST

Barefoot Dreams Dupe Blanket from Target:

The theme of this blog so far is ways to combat the winter I guess :) One of my FAVE purchases recently is this blanket from Target that supposedly is a Barefoot Dreams dupe but it’s $120 cheaper! I’ve never had the BFD blanket, but this Target one is extremely soft, so cozy and warm, and it’s also lightweight! I’m such a big fan of it and I want to buy more eventually! Pro tip, I washed and dried this before using it because it does shed a little bit at first. After I washed/dried, the shedding totally stopped!

The Charm Offensive by Alison Cochrun

This was my favorite book I read this month and probably also in a while!!! I stopped watching The Bachelor because I think it’s so boring now, but I love reading books about similar types of shows to fill the void! This book is about the lead of a Bachelor-esque reality show who is struggling to make romantic connections as a TV star. His producer starts coaching him on developing real relationships on the show, but while doing so, the lead and the producer start to catch feelings. It’s such a fun book that takes you around the world while they’re filming, and the characters are so well developed and you can’t help but want the best for them. I thoroughly enjoyed this one!!

Yeti Mug

Back to talking about winter!! I always start my day with a cup of coffee or a latte, and I love using cups that keep them HOT for a long time. But it’s just not the same in a traditional Yeti tumbler. Enter: the Yeti MUG! It keeps your coffee hot for hours, and you can still get that precious mug moment in the morning :) Best of both worlds. I’ve been using this every single day, and it’s also dishwasher safe! Win/win!


Rubber Gloves

Where have these been all of my life?! I had no idea how much better doing the dishes and cleaning was with rubber gloves on. They protect your hands and your mani from the harsh soaps/chemicals and hot water and don’t ruin all of work you’ve been putting in for your hydration routine!! PS: Did you read my Hydration Routine blog yet??


I loved doing Dry January and I think I’m going to continue to drink my little mocktails more frequently. I just love the act of having a fancy little drink at the end of the work day! My favorite combo right now is Health-Ade kombucha with La Croix, specifically the Tangerine Passionfruit Kombucha with Grapefruit La Croix. YUM! I want it now. 


First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream + Hydrating Hyaluronic Acid Eye Cream 

This lotion has changed my face!! I am so so glad I discovered it last month. The Ultra Repair Cream is basically an all-in-one hydrating lotion for your body or your face. It’s extremely moisturizing, but it also has oatmeal in it that helps with eczema, redness and other skin rashes. I have a lot of redness and sensitive skin and this doesn’t irritate my face AT ALL! I’m obsessed. I got the big size so I’ve been using it all over my body and on my hands! HIGHLY recommend it. I also just got their new Hydrating Eye cream with HA. It has a nice cooling effect and smells like cucumber. I’m LOVING IT!!! Such a great duo. 


Oat Puff Hand Cream

I can’t stop talking about this hand lotion, sorry not sorry!! It’s from Not Pot, my favorite CBD brand, but this amazing lotion has oatmeal in it (see note above for benefits), CBD, and it has the most delicious subtle vanilla oatmilk scent! It’s been my GO-TO for hand cream this winter and my hands have never been happier. I also love how many of you all love it too!!! Use my code KARA for 20% off and your hands will thank you :) 

YOUR Favorites! 

I also wanted to share my top 10 most popular affiliate links this month!! I think it’s so interesting what you all are interested in and I’m so excited that you love the things I love! 

  1. The Mini Humidifier 
  2. Dazzle Dry Mini Kit - 4 Step System
  3. The Lululemon Align Dupe Leggings - THEY’RE THE BEST!!!
  4. The Rubber Gloves lolol
  5. The BEST Glass Foot File - I talk ALL about it here!
  6. The Target Blanket, of course!
  7. The BEST Cuticle Pusher
  8. Bala Bangles (my FAVORITE workout accessory!!)
  9. Mini Buffers - love these little guys!
  10.  My FAVORITE Nail Art Brushes! 

Have you tried any of these items?! I’d love to know what you think!!

Some links may be affiliate links which means I get a small commission on your purchase at no cost to you! Thanks for supporting me and my blog!


  • The FAB cream!!

  • I love, love, love that Tangerine Passionfruit kombucha, and I will definitely be trying the gloves. :D

  • I love, love the Target blanket!! A cozy blanket is my must have year round. 😆

  • A humidifier and my yeti cup are in my winter survival kit!

  • I forgot about mocktails! Mmm


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