I tried some new Korean gel nail products!


I’ve been trying some new gel products recently that I am OBSESSING over and I need to share. You guys know I’m a stickler for good quality and that’s always top of mind when I’m choosing which products to use and recommend. I’ve heard amazing things about Korean gel products and that they have similar characteristics as Japanese gel (aka Kokoist!), so I was super excited to test some out.

Enter: Sweetie Nail Supply! They’re a Canadian based nail supplier that carries only premium Asian owned brands, mostly from Korea and Japan. (PS - If you’re Canadian, you can get Kokoist from them!)

If you ever want to order from them, they were so kind to give me a discount code to share. It’s code KARA10 to save 10%!

I placed an order a few months ago and then I wanted to try even more items so I placed another big order 😳 💸 I am just LOVING syrup and jelly nails right now and they have so many fun options!!! Let’s get into what I’ve tried and loved so far!

I also filmed some quick hauls of both orders that I placed! Here is part 1:

And here is part 2:

Jelly/Syrup Nails:

My FAVORITE nails right now. I was going to say nail trend but it’s been around for years and I am just finally catching onto the verbiage ;) I’ve always loved sheer/bright nails, but this takes it to another level. The gels are essentially the same idea of a syrup or honey: thick and vibrant, but they have a glassy/glossy/sheer finish!

I personally love using a slightly tinted builder base underneath these to conceal my free edge like I did with this manicure! The builder gels are actually syrup builders as well! This is VS07 from the Valla Pink Soup collection (I think this single color might be sold out right now but all of the colors are STUNNING! And you can sign up to be notified when it’s back!) with the new Doi Syrup builder gel in #2 underneath!

Kokoist Megastick Base+ Doi Syrup Builder #2 + VS07+ BANDI Non Wipe Top Coat

Doi Syrup Builder Gel in #2! It’s soooo pretty on its own!

I also tried Salmon Coral from Yogurt Nail Kr which is a jelly neutral and it's just so perfect. I used a clear builder gel underneath, so you can slightly see my free edge and I think it looks like a really subtle french manicure!

Magnet / Cateye Gels:

This is another nail trend that I’m just so obsessed with. I wish I had 100 fingers so I could use everything all the time. But alas. I used this color called Valla JW08 from the Byulling Byulling collection (which is incredible btw) on a recent trip that I took to Ojai and I literally couldn’t stop starting at my nails!!! Ok let me tell you about this color:

  • It’s a bright lilac/lavender syrup gel

  • It’s a magnet gel with silvery white magnet glitter

  • It has tiny holographic tinsel glitters in it

  • It has purple iridescent shimmer in it

Like have you ever heard of such an amazing polish?! It just has so much dimension and depth and the way it looks in the sun is amazing and the photos do it 1% justice. Just trust me :) I had to pick up 3 other colors from this collection and I’m tempted to buy them all lol.

Literally the photos do it 1% justice :(
You can see some more of the colors + tinsel when it’s blurry!

I also picked up JW01 (white & silver), JW03 (peachy neutral) and JW06 (baby blue) with all of the fun additions I mentioned above!

If you want to see everything I bought & my wishlist…

I made a handy spreadsheet with alllllll products linked and put my notes of what they are / if I had any additional thoughts on it HERE!


If you ever have any questions or need any recommendations on products, feel free to leave a comment or get in touch with me on social!

Ok byeeee!!!

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